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Ode to the Typographical Error

The typographical error is a slippery thing and sly;
You can hunt till you are dizzy, but it somehow will get by.
’Till the forms are on the press, it is strange how still it keeps.
It shrinks down in a corner, and it never stirs or peeps –
That typographical error, too small for human eyes –
’Till the ink is on the paper, when it grows to mountain size.
The boss, he stares with horror, then he grabs his hair and
groans; The copyreader drops his head upon his hands and
moans. The remainder of the issue may be clean as clean  
can be, But the typographical error is the only thing you see.
— Anonymous
I love fun stuff on my website! Here's a little poem I saved years
ago and it's just as funny today as it was then.

As an author, you know editors can
be a real pain in the .... um, you know editors are your best friend!
And every good editor worth his or her salt has this
framed on their wall to remind them we're all only human.
Just don't ever point out an EDITOR'S mistake. They get pissy.