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These Dreams...

The gauzy curtains fluttered on the warm summer breeze that blew moonlight spark and dance on the
waves as they crested and peaked on their endless journey to the shore and back to the dark depths
beyond her sight. She loved the ocean and didn’t make her way here often enough.

She rose slowly, gliding down the steps with silent footfalls and walked toward the sea, stopping short of
the dying waves on the wet beach. The silkiness of her gown teased her breasts and thighs, whispering
as a lover’s touch over her skin as she moved. She couldn't feel the texture of the sand under her feet.

She turned toward the full moon, into the wind, and let air caress her face. She began walking and the
light from the cottage faded. Soon there was only the sound of the night. Dawn was hours away.

She loved the sea at night. She knew that in its depths strange, delightful creatures danced in joyous
celebration of their few hours of life. They were born for one purpose, to continue their species, but that
didn’t lessen the wonder that they existed at all.

Her palm covered the soft swell of her belly. She was born for one purpose, too. She could see the child
of her womb, knew its smile, knew its tears. Before she knew it existed she loved it. Deep inside she
tightened, then loosened, liquid with the anticipation of birth.

A light flickered ahead, bright and golden. She shivered, wanting its warmth. It lured her away from the
moonlit sea into shadow. In the shadows, his face hidden, a lover waited for her.

Beside the flickering fire he’d laid down layers of soft blankets scented with honeysuckle and jasmine and
finely woven silk covered pillows for her head. She sensed his presence and wondered if this time he’d
allow her to see his face. She knelt on the cushioning blankets. He was behind her, his hands easing her
gown off her shoulders. Her blood quickened. Her thighs trembled.  

His lips, warm and soft, touched the back of her neck. Her nipples puckered, drawing to taut, tingling
peaks. His hands cupped the bounty of her breasts, covering them and gently squeezing until she
pressed into his hands aching for more pressure. Deep inside her belly there began a fluttering. She
reached to nurture it.

He pressed her down beneath him, into the velvet of the blankets. His weight was heavy upon her.
Awareness of his maleness seeped into her pores.

He was long, lean and muscled. She reached behind him to trail her fingers over the smooth skin of his
flanks. His lips touched the tender skin of her shoulders. He shifted, bringing the hard length of his
arousal to nestle between the softness of her buttocks. She lifted her hips to let him know she felt his
desire and to say without words that her own was unfolding within her, softly opening and stretching,

He slid from her and she turned to him. He wrapped his arms around her, giving her the shelter she
sought, a place of warm haven.

Here in his arms she found rest, blissful succor. He would wait, she knew, for her to relax, to breathe, to
be. To move unseen except by the guardian of her soul to the place were she was still, and from there to
awaken to all the possibilities of her ardor.

The peaceful oblivion of darkness called softly to her. She turned to it for a moment, letting her mind drift
on an unseen eddy back toward the soothing nothingness, the restfulness of slumber.

But no, she would not go there yet. There would be time to embrace sleep, later, after her passion was
spent and dreams fulfilled. She raised her mouth to his.

His tongue laved her lips with gentle sweeps, teasing before sweeping into her mouth and claiming her as
his to do with as he pleased. She clung to him and let him engulf her with the searing heat of his mouth
taking hers.

A sweet ache blossomed inside her, spiraling out from the secret place so hidden, so protected, nestled
in the soft folds of her feminine flesh. It was a small twitching to awareness that grew to an insistent throb
demanding attention.

She grasped his hips and pulled him closer. His swollen manhood was trapped between them. She
wrapped her fingers around his shaft and moved his silky skin over the steel core of his need. He moaned
into her mouth. Her vulva pulsed. Inside, her walls trembled to know his length and girth.

He would not be hurried, would not yet touch there. He continued showering her neck and shoulders with
kisses that drew sweet dew from her. His long fingers burrowed into her hair, tenderly cradling her head,
promising protection with his passion.

Her nipples tingled, a silent plea for his attention. He heard their unvoiced cry, rolling her beneath him.
She arched up to him, wanting to feel his weight again. Her thighs opened. The cool night air danced
devilishly across her moist skin, lighter than any lover’s touch. She longed to feel his warm breath
blowing on her. She thrust her hips up to his and still he would not hurry, would not move to ease the
pounding at her core.

His mouth found one pebbled peak, suckling. She writhed under him as heat arced from his mouth to her
womb. She cried out, then, a plea for his seed. He drew on her nipple, sighing, his breath warm on her
ribs. The pounding pressure between her thighs grew. The blanket became wet beneath her. He pulsed in
her hand as she stroked him faster.

He released her nipple and licked a wide path to her navel, to the dark, wet curls that covered her mound.
Her blood was singing in her ears, her heart pounding. Her thighs quivered then closed around the
empty, aching need inside in a vain attempt to ease it. He would not allow it and with his strength opened
her wide to his pleasure. His mouth descended.

At the first touch of his mouth she willingly gave herself over to him, submissive to the demands of her
passion. The tension inside her spiraled outward in jolting wave after jolting wave only to roll inward,
lifting her and drawing her down to where his tongue slid over her, then suddenly delved into her.

His hand was beneath her, teasing at her heat from behind, beckoning, tempting her with a darker
pleasure, stroking her tender skin. Sensation hovered. He shifted his hands on her.

His mouth found her quivering bud. Long, strong fingers thrust into her, filling her. She struggled to draw
breath. Her sheath pushed against the invaders then gripped them to prevent escape. He pressed
upward as if he could touch his fingers to his tongue. Her nipples tingled and she pulsed into his mouth
as the orgasm swept through her in wave after wave of blessed release that went on without end,
sending her soaring into the starlit night until suddenly she fell back to earth.

The softness of her bed cradled her under blessedly cool sheets. Her lover was behind her, touching
deep within her to the place only he knew. His hand cupped her mound, pressing her bottom tightly to his
hips. Her body rippled around his hard length as he thrust into her, spreading her again and again with an
increasing urgency that carried her back to the edge of ecstasy. She could feel him lengthening within
her, stroking to the very entrance of her womb.

His arms tightened around her. His voice was a hoarse whisper in her ear. She knew this lover, too, and
well. He was flesh and blood, not mist and dream. He allowed her shadow lover because he couldn’t
defeat him, being with his own dreams on his own beach. But the shadows were gone and in the dawn
glow flesh spoke to flesh.

Her thighs slicked with dew as she rained down her pleasure to him, answering his call as he’d answered
hers. She tipped her hips. He thrust deeper as her body clenched his. She could only moan and push back
against him as he drove into her. Her climax claimed her, taking her in a shuddering rapture.

The moment was upon him. He cried out to her, a sound of dark bliss and profound relief. His seed burned
her tender flesh as it filled and overflowed her, seeking the fertile ground she allowed. He pressed his
hips tightly to her bottom, holding her to him to stay warmly nestled within her.

She sighed and stretched, catlike, as much as she was able within his embrace. His lips teased at her
neck, no dream lover now. Tears of joy, welling up with the knowledge of his love for her, wet her cheeks.

“Wake me up like this for the rest of my life,” she whispered. His arms tightened around her.

“You know I will.”
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