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Across Time
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Corri Dunn has the posting of a lifetime as captain of the Avery
McKenna, but she had to give up the man she loves to have it.
When she’s ordered to transport an archaeological team to
Adhara VII, she finds he’s arrived ahead of her.

Devin Tremaine lost the love of his life five years ago when a
younger Corri chose her career over his love. As captain of the
Stargazer, he’s ordered to secretly transport a mercenary to
Adhara VII - knowing Corri will soon be there.

Passion burns brightly between the reunited lovers, but trust
returns more slowly. Years of longing for each other, and second-
guessing their abandonment of each other, has left them
treading on shaky ground.

When the mysterious Ori-Arkee visits Corri, she must turn to
Devin for help. Together, they embark on a quest to discover the
secrets of Adhara VII and discover they’ve found more than the
way back to each other and a completely vanished civilization.
They’ve stumbled on the way across time…

Devin quickly gathered his gear and headed for their best shuttle. The Moira was powering up as he
tossed his pack behind the pilot’s seat and strapped in. Greg Roland didn’t bother to acknowledge him,
just flipped a few switches to bring the pilot’s boards active. Devin ran the sequence checks, then
ordered the bay depressurized and the huge doors opened. Lack of gravity took over. The Moira rose a
scant six inches from the deck and the Stargazer slid out from under her.

It didn’t take long for the call from the Avery McKenna to come. Rose had followed protocol to notify other
orbiting ships of a shuttle launch and that a ship’s captain was onboard. Devin grinned wolfishly as Corri’s
voice filled the shuttle.

“What do you think you’re doing, Tremaine?”

“Well, hello, Corrine. Fancy meeting you way out here.”

“Listen, you son of a bitch. You land that shuttle on Adhara VII and I will personally take you into custody.”
He didn’t think he’d mind that too very much, especially if she used handcuffs.

“Your momma needs to go get her money back from that fancy finishing school she sent you to. Tsk, tsk.
Such language.”

“You are not funny. Park that shuttle anywhere but back on that piece of garbage you fly and I’ll have to
arrest you.”

He could challenge her on that because there was no way she had a warrant. Carlton would have covered
such a contingency. “Show me your open authorization to arrest anyone on Adhara VII and show me your
open warrant on me, in particular.” The silence on the other end of the transmission was evidence her
bluff had been called.

“You keep away from Dr. Winston and his team. You stay away from my personnel. And you stay away from
me, Tremaine.”

“I’d love to stay away from you. I have every intention of staying away from you. As for the rest of it, you’d
better tell Winston to steer clear of my people. Cooperation is a two-way street, and if your people don’t
respect mine, I’ll personally order them to stand up for themselves.” Let her stew about that, he thought

“You idiot! You can’t give them permission to start brawls!”

“Sure I can. My people have brains, Dunn. The military hasn’t sucked the gray matter out of their skulls
and replaced it with rhetoric. They can actually think for themselves. And they’ll know if they’ve been

“This is serious, Devin. You stay away from Winston or I’ll have to take appropriate action.”

“Your actions are always appropriate, aren’t they?”

“You bastard.”

“I do lack parental units, that’s true.”

Devin grinned as the com link went dead. “That went well, didn’t it?” he said to Greg. Behind him,
Meredith snorted.

“I don’t know, Devin,” Greg replied. “Did it?”

Devin ignored them and rose to check on the crew riding down to the surface in the cargo bay.

“What did I just hear?” Greg asked Meredith innocently, as soon as Devin disappeared.

Meredith grinned at him. “Foreplay.”
You definitely don't want to miss this book!  Across Time is an extremely well written, powerful and
intense story.  The characters and scenes are so well described that I could visualize everything so
well that I felt like I was watching a movie instead of reading a book.  Rayne Forrest has mastered the
art of descriptive language.  The emotions experienced by Corri and Devin, as well as they
undeniable attraction to each other, was elemental.  Their raw need seemed so tangible in both its
sensuality and poignancy that it exploded off the page. Their lack of pretense about their past and
their present feelings showed maturity. Their desire to understand what happened to their
relationship five years ago was remarkable and spoke volumes about the true nature of their
feelings for one another.  Devin is easily one of the most ideal men I’ve ever had the good fortune to
read about – in a word, he’s dreamy!  Across Time is like a science fiction with a mystical twist that
had me absolutely riveted until the very last page.
- Kerin Hanson for Two Lips Reviews
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