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KC Kendricks never
-- Fallen Angel Reviews

"..beautifully moving in all the
right places...KC Kendricks
gives us a well-crafted tale"
- The Romance Studio

"Good to the last word...."
- Sensual Reads

..."Seriously entertaining and
totally engaging..."
- Joyfully Reviewed

"...solidly written
contemporary romance..."
Hot August Comes
Contemporary gay romance
Leo Corbin shook the dust of Westfall off his shoes to
pursue opportunities among the bright city lights. When his
mother suddenly dies, Leo returns home to settle her estate.
His grief at her passing quickly turns to shock at what she
left behind and rekindles old questions about the identity of
his father.

Harrison Wade stuck by his father to help run the family farm.
Life for a gay man in Westfall has limitations, but Harrison
knows how to make the best of them. When Leo Corbin
returns to town, Harrison's quiet existence tilts. Leo is the
guy who put an end to the high school bullying Harrison
endured so many years ago. Harrison quickly discovers his
old boyhood crush on Leo has matured into an adult

As the mercury rises, Harrison and Leo's friendly buddy
arrangement heats up. When hot August comes to Westfall,
they discover home is more than where a man hangs his hat.
It's where he gives his heart.

“You country boys never waste a good resource.”

“No, we don’t. Leo, I heard the story about you, you know.”

Leo cringed inside but he refused to let his dismay show. “I wondered. How much has it grown over
the years?”

“You really want me to say what I heard?”

No, he didn’t but maybe it was something he should know. “Sure. Lay it on me.”

“That you were the one to seduce Stan Stoler, not the other way around. You left town because he
wouldn’t leave his wife for you. You didn’t really trick him at the church, did you?”

Not much shocked Leo, but that did.

“At the church! Fuck no!” He downed a few swallows of beer. The cool liquid was refreshing on a
muggy night.

“Here’s the truth, Harrison. Mr. Fabulous Gym Teacher seduced me at the high school, in the locker
room, in the shower. I didn’t fight him off.”

“So you wanted it?”

“I was almost eighteen and I wasn’t a virgin. I knew what he was about when he approached me. If you
think I’m the only gay boy to walk the hallowed halls of Westfall Senior High, you’re mistaken.”

Harrison snorted and sipped his beer. “I know for a fact you’re not although you’re the only one to
get caught with his prick in the former coach’s mouth.”

Leo took a deep breath. He may never get a better opportunity.

“Yep. Stoler went to his knees for me but Harrison, I’d go to my knees for

Leo pulled his phone out of his pocket to properly record Harrison’s number. He then sent a text
message to invite Harrison to breakfast. Leo didn’t cook a lot but he could fix a mean egg omelet
and fry a wickedly crisp strip of bacon. He almost dropped his phone when it vibrated in his hand.

Be there in a dirty. Start coking.

Leo snorted. Auto correct programs always provided interest to a text message. It was a safe bet
Harrison meant “thirty” and cocaine had nothing to do with it. If he hurried, he could get a fast
shower. Leo sent a return message that the front door would be open and Harrison should come in
and find him.
He hustled up the stairs, peeling out of yesterday’s clothes as he went. He stepped into the shower
and was instantly sorry he had a limited amount of time. His dick swelled the moment the warm
water hit it and he didn’t have time to jerk off. Or did he?

Leo ran a soapy hand down his shaft and over his balls. Heat streaked up his back. He could
probably accomplish the deed in less than five minutes. He turned around to let the spray beat on
his shoulders and found his favorite pressure points on his cock. Leo rolled the skin back then up
to ring the head. Damn it felt good.

“You want help with that?”

Leo grabbed the safety bar to keep his feet from sliding out from under him. He blinked the water
out of his eyes to see Harrison standing in the middle of the bathroom with one hand ready to
unbutton his shirt and a big shit-eating grin on his face. Why did Lydia have a clear vinyl shower
curtain, anyway?

“Your text said thirty minutes!”

Harrison’s eyebrow shot up. “No, it didn’t. It said I’d be here in a jiffy.”

Leo shook his head. “Like hell it did. The auto correct screwed you, buddy.” Leo looked Harrison up
and down, noting the guy was getting a hard-on. “Anyway, Harrison, you’re here so what did you
have in mind?”

“Oh, please. Do I really have to spell it out for you?”

“Jeez. Give a guy a hand job and they follow you home.”

Harrison laughed and pulled his shirt over his head without unbuttoning it.

“Ain’t it just the truth? From my side of it, it’s give a guy a hand job and they want to cook for you.”

Leo watched as Harrison put the lid down on the toilet and perched to take off his work boots. His
jeans and socks quickly followed.  

“What’s that nasty bulge in your undies, Harry? That swelling hurt?”

“Don’t call me ‘Harry,’ and I like the swelling. So will you.”

Leo tugged the back edge of the shower curtain open. “Well, get in here and wash my back. Then
we’ll see where it goes.” He sniffed the air. “What is that smell?”

“God save me from city boys. Off-road diesel fuel, the type you burn in small tractors. I gotta mow
Mrs. Palmer’s yard today.”

Harrison stepped into the shower and thrust his hands under the spray. Leo grabbed the soap and
began to wash the fuel residue off Harrison. To his surprise, Leo found stroking Harrison’s soapy
fingers stimulating.

His fingers were long and strong, with straight joints that showed no sign of ever being broken.
Harrison’s nails were neatly trimmed and tended, and the superficial smudges of fuel vanished
under Leo’s attentions. Harrison’s fingertips were calloused, as were his palms, but he did work
with his hands on the farm.

Leo lathered the washcloth and worked his way up Harrison’s arms to his broad chest. Not a lot of
hair there, but a bit, with a darker line leading down from his belly button to the dark nest at the
base of his cock. Harrison didn’t move a muscle as Leo dipped low to make a pass over his balls.
Harrison was undeniably

Leo glanced up and froze at the intensity of Harrison’s gaze. His voice almost failed him. He cleared
his throat.


Harrison shook his head. “I, um…I’ve never been washed like that before.”

Leo tilted his head. “You’ve never taken a shower with anyone before?”

“Yes, I have. It’s just the way you did that was almost…reverent.”

Leo blinked at him and draped the washrag over the bar. “What the fuck does that mean?”
I enjoyed this story quite a bit.
I was not surprised however,
because KC has always gives
you stories that just seem to
flow off the pages.
- 4.5 Hearts, MM Good Book
I have always loved this
author’s characters, and I
wasn’t let down this time. I
loved both of these characters
and thought they fit together
very well. One thing the
author does well is give us a
HFN ending that hinted at a
HEA. - 4 Stars, The Novel