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KC Kendricks never
-- Fallen Angel Reviews

"..beautifully moving in all the
right places...KC Kendricks
gives us a well-crafted tale"
- The Romance Studio

"Good to the last word...."
- Sensual Reads

..."Seriously entertaining and
totally engaging..."
- Joyfully Reviewed

"...solidly written
contemporary romance..."
Doors of Time
Calvin Lawson arrived in Clear River to rebuild bridges
with his ailing father, not hook up with Emory Fleming,
although being an honest man, he has to admit Emory’s on
his mind. But first things first, and before he goes looking
for his boyhood friend, he needs to find a restoration
project to generate personal income so he’s not sponging
off his father. Gutted by an arsonist, the Clocktower
Theatre, affectionately called the Time by everyone in
town, is in dire need of his special skills.

As an on-the-air journalist, Emory Fleming is making a
name for himself and getting noticed. He’s back in Clear
River at the local network affiliate, preparing for the move
up to a major market in a few years. When Calvin Lawson
rolls back into town, Emory’s stunned. The old pal he
worked with at the Time kept a big secret - he’s gay. All the
fantasies Emory had as a teenager about Calvin suddenly
become real as he and Calvin reconnect and quickly
become lovers.

Calvin’s planned restoration of the Clocktower Theatre
may not be a practical possibility. He has to secure a lot of
funding to do the job properly, and money is tight
everywhere. When Emory’s big break comes faster than
anticipated, Calvin sees only one option. He'll step aside
so Emory will accept the job he’s worked all his life to
attain, and allow the doors of time close between them
Emory leaned forward. “Okay, Calvin. Spill it. Just what do you plan on doing with the
Clocktower Theatre once it’s been restored to its former glory?”

Calvin laughed softly and sipped his coffee. With slow deliberation, he set the cup down.
“That would be getting the cart way before the horse, wouldn’t it?”

Emory grinned and teased his friend. “You always did play hard to get.”

Instead of laughing again, the smile faded from Calvin’s face. Emory backpedaled. “I was
teasing you, Calvin, so don’t take that too seriously.”

Calvin licked his lips, his eyes dark and serious as he leaned forward. “You don’t know me
the way you think you do, Emory.”

They’d not seen each other in years. Calvin didn’t know the older version of him, either. It
would take some time for them to catch up on everything, but Emory knew him well enough
to know there was a hidden meaning in his words.

“So why don’t you tell me what it is I don’t know, and what is I should know?”

“Not tonight. It’s been a long day, and I’m still a little tired from driving in from Kansas. I’ll see
you tomorrow, bright and early.”

Emery had no choice but to agree. He and Calvin were friends, and sometimes that meant
not pursuing a subject. Besides Calvin was right, they would see each other in the morning.

“Okay, you win. I’ll rein in my curiosity until morning.”


“You don’t know what to do when someone acts all gentlemanly toward you, do you?”

Emory reached out and squeezed his shoulder. “Not really, but I’m willing to work on it.” He
climbed into the car, and Calvin closed the door.

If he were lucky, his knees wouldn’t buckle as he walked around to the driver’s side of the
Charger and got the vehicle moving.

It wasn’t news to Calvin that Emory liked to lead, but some habits were hard to break. From
an early age, his mother had drilled polite manners into him. A man opened doors, carried
packages, pulled chairs out from tables, and held umbrellas. As far as Calvin was
concerned, being genteel applied to gay men as much as straight guys. But maybe Emory
didn’t see it that way.

“I won’t open the door for you if it makes you that uncomfortable.”

Emory pulled his keys out of his pocket and fidgeted with them. “It’s been a long time since
anyone did it. It’s not all good memories, Calvin.”

Had one of those older men who swarmed around Emory hurt him? “What’s that mean, or
don’t you want to tell me?”

“As a younger man, I seemed to attract a macho element intent on making me their bitch.”
Emory looked at him and lifted his hands, palms up. “And there you sit, only gay for a few

Calvin snorted. “Disconcerting, isn’t it?”

“You don’t know the half of it. I mean, I tell you that you’re dessert, and that makes you
decide to have dinner with me?”

Calvin parked the car beside Emory’s little sports coupe. “I was leaning toward dinner
without dessert, but your way sounds more interesting.”

Emory scrambled from the car as he reached for the door handle. “I’ll leave your name at the
front desk.”

Calvin hurried after him and blocked his escape into his own ride. “Wait a second! What are
you scared of, Emory?”

“Feeling sixteen and clueless again.”

He was familiar with what Emory described. He had a case of it right now, but Calvin wasn’t
going to let it stop him. He’d thought about Emory for so many years, and in the blink of an
eye, he had a chance. Even if he screwed it up royally, he had to take his shot. Calvin
cupped the back of Emory’s neck and kissed him.

Shock jolted through Calvin, an electric current that left heat in its wake. Emory’s soft lips
opened, and his tongue flicked across Calvin’s upper lip. His mouth opened, and Emory
dove in, his silky tongue gliding over Calvin’s with invitation and promise.

Calvin’s body tightened as blood rushed through his veins to deafen him. His cock filled,
rock hard in just a few throbbing beats. He pushed Emory back against the side of the car.
Emory’s thighs strained against his as he arched his pelvis against his, the ridge of his dick
riding along Calvin’s hard-on. Stars danced behind Calvin’s closed eyes.

This is what had been missing when he kissed other guys. They weren’t Emory. How could
he have known the man’s taste and smell when they’d never been this close before? But he’
d known all the others weren’t “right.” And Emory was.

Calvin pulled away and sucked in a desperate breath before he did something silly like pass
out from lack of oxygen. Emory blinked at him, his blue eyes gone black and wild.
“Why didn’t you do that ten years ago?”

Calvin opened his mouth to speak and finally managed to shake his head and shrug. He
swallowed and tried again, but the words wouldn’t come, so he did the only thing he could
think to do. He cupped Emory’s cheeks with his palms and kissed him again.

Calvin had no doubt where they were headed when Emory moaned softly into his mouth
and gripped his hips to pull him closer. He ended the kiss and rested his forehead against

“We, um, should get moving.”

Emory’s hands slid up his sides in a slow caress. “To where? The station or my place?”

KC Kendricks has created a
splendid as well as an
exceptionally enjoyable
follow-up to Double Deuce.
-Literary Nymphs Reviews
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